Rory Shearer was born in Belfast 1953. He moved to his current workshop, close to Slemish, in the Antrim hills in 2007.

Living in the country has given his work a sense of place, of industry; a place which is visually stunning and physically extreme, difficult.  Rory’s work does not romanticise the countryside but suggests its beauty, order, strength while reminding us that it is hard work, dangerous and unexpected.

Shearer is primarily, a thrower and a vessel maker.

The ‘Winter’ and ‘Townland’ series are inspired by his local landscape. There is drama in the spontaneity and improvisation without a reduction in the importance to process.  This series resists stylistic categorisation however there is an emphasis on energetic and dynamic gesture, in contrast to a reflective, cerebral focus.  Imagery is primarily abstract but based on visual realities, the surface treated with slips and oxides evoking the rural Irish landscape.