Rhoda Taylor was born in London ‘many moons ago’. She attended the West of England College of Art in the 1960s. She owned the very successful Timsbury Vale Studios in Somerset producing silk screen designs. This studio gained the attention of the Financial Times resulting in an alliance with the Army and Navy forces and various designs of their choice.

Rhoda moved to West Cork over twenty years ago and works in her studio creating portrait, landscape and abstract works in oils or gouache. Her exceptional creativity and skills are best observed in her very detailed pen and ink work with gouache as colour. Her particular interest is using her meticulously thorough pen work in fantasy, flora and fauna. She draws her flora from life holding the subject flower or leaf in her left hand. Her inspiration for these incredible art works are simply outside her studio window.
Her work is in collections in England/Ireland/Malta/Japan/France/America/ - both privately and in galleries.